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Curated science news for students

Stay updated with the latest scientific discoveries from around the world with the science news for students page. Written by scientific experts our articles are written with young readers in mind. The articles are appropriate for students in upper elementary, gifted and talented programs, middle school, and high school.

Benefits of using science news for student learning

Reading about the advancements in science by scientists around the world helps students understand the core concepts of science as well as the relevance of those concepts in our lives. The news also keeps students interested and informed about what’s going on across different disciplines in science. 

By reading science news, students are also learning to think critically about the topic and understand the process of scientific discovery. It takes them beyond passive reading to become actively involved in thinking about opposing studies and coming to their own conclusions. Reading and discussing science news in the classroom is a great way to foster independent thinking and scientific literacy skills in students.

Smore science news for students is written and verified by science experts for accuracy and relevance. Both teachers and students can be assured they are accessing the latest and most reliable science news available without having to spend time looking all over the internet.

We cover the news from all fields of science including archeology, technology, space, biology, environment and much more. Whether you are looking for topic ideas for science essays, or just want to keep up with the latest scientific breakthroughs, this page is where you will find it all.

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