Women in STEM

Science’s most exciting frontier is all around us, but there are so many more incredible stories about women in STEM careers. We believe by telling the stories of successful, and persistent women in STEM, we are opening the eyes of young children everywhere to a world of opportunities and possibilities. Smore is a magazine that introduces young readers to these inspiring women in STEM. 

Children, especially girls aspirations of what they want to be when they grow up are based on their own genders, their parents jobs, friends and what they are exposed to through media and popular culture. And this unnecessarily shapes their beliefs, it limits their ambitions irrespective of their actual abilities. Research has shown that girls a little as 6 have already begun to associate science and technology as fields for “really smart” people and boys being “really smart” not girls. The women in STEM cover feature is aimed at breaking down these stereotypes.

The brightly colored pages and friendly voice in each issue tell the tales of brilliant accomplished female role models in STEM have made groundbreaking discoveries and changed lives through their passion, curiosity and scientific genius. Children can see for themselves how a career in STEM can be an exciting opportunity to build a rewarding and successful future.

Smore is empowering young girls through science and stories. Read, and share these stories with a child. You never know who you will inspire.

Please read and share these women in STEM stories with everyone. Together we can inspire our future generation of girls in STEM to dream big!

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