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Fall Issue, 2022


This issue features the inspiring story of Andrea Love & Jessica Steier




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Fantastic Phenomena, Mind Muddlers, Space and Tech Poster, Book Excerpt, Earth Science, Puzzle, Watch Me Work, Phenomenal Physics, Guess What? Answers and Credits
What’s Inside
Fantastic Phenomena – ALIVE or NOT?
Some organisms and phenomena blur the line between living and dead. Here are six examples: Viruses: The germs involved in most pandemics are viruses. Viruses blur the boundaries between the living and the non-living.
fantastic pheno
SCIENCE In the News – James Webb Telescope shares images of deep space
The NASA James Webb Telescope, in partnership with the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency, shared images from the largest and most powerful space telescope.
Carina Nebula
Animal Engineering: Building a home with spit
Animals that construct homes use a variety of materials. Beavers build dams using sticks, stones, mud, and other resources. Birds use similar things to build their nests. Animals called silkworms take a different approach.
Science Like A Girl – Andrea Love and Jessica Steier
So much of science comes down to finding the right formula – combining the right factors in the right order and in the right conditions to finally watch all the pieces click into place.
Smore Fall
Into the Future – The Future of Cars When No One is Behind the Wheel
Imagine going somewhere in a car with no one in the driver’s seat. The car drives itself along, taking you wherever you need to go. No one touches the steering wheel or pushes the pedals.
Earth Science – What’s So Wild About Wildfire?
Have you ever been mesmerized by flames? Whether it’s a crackling campfire or the tip of a birthday candle, fire is spellbinding. But fire can also be unpredictable and dangerous.
Fire aftermath in northern Washington state. No attribution required.
Blast from the Past – The Life and Legacy of Rachel Carson
Rachel Carson is known as the biologist that informed the world of the environmental impact of fertilizers and pesticides. Her best-known book, Silent Spring, helped to raise awareness of our impact on the environment.
Rachel Carson
Watch Me Work – What do Geneticists do?
Tucked away in every cell of your body is a molecule called DNA. Smaller bits of DNA, called genes, contain blueprints that tell your cells how to make proteins. These proteins can perform a whole range of tasks
Space & Tech – Space Spaghetti
No matter how high or how hard you jump, you will always nd your feet pulled back to the ground. This is due to gravity, a force that attracts objects (and people!) to other objects. When you jump, Earth’s gravitational force keeps you from flying off into space
Which of the following gases is used to fill up an electric bulb? Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Argon, Hydrogen, Answer: Argon (C), Fun fact: The atmosphere of Mercury consists mainly of Argon, almost 70% by volume.
Book Excerpt – Hello Navi
When Andres Salas was twelve, he spent his summer learning the layout and the grounds of his new school, Resaca Middle School, in Los Fresnos, Texas. Andres is blind, and he needed time to learn the routes from one classroom to another.
Fun Facts
Silkworms grow as fast as they do by devouring mulberry leaves. They eat almost nonstop from the time they hatch until they are ready to begin spinning their cocoons.When a silkworm gets old enough.
Hands on Science – Build a chair
A single chair can be used by different people whose body shapes and sizes may differ. To withstand different loads, the chairs are designed to distribute the pressure caused by the body.
Phenomenal Physics – How are Rainbows Formed?
When it rains, we look up for a rainbow. Have you ever seen a rainbow in the sky on a sunny and cloudless day? De nitely not! Have you seen a rainbow on a rainy day with the sun behind the clouds?
Puzzle – Futoshiki
Futoshiki is a relatively recent math puzzle developed in Japan. A puzzle closely related to Sudoku, this puzzle was made in 2001. Fill in the 9 x 9 grid, with numbers from 1 to 9, such that no number is repeated twice in a row or column.
Poster – The Water Cycle
Evaporation, Condensation, Sublimation, Infiltration,  precipitation, Runoff
Guess What?
This primate walks on the flat part of its hands and feet, not on its knuckles, and is among Africa’s most endangered mammals. It has cheek pouches to store food short-term and is an omnivore that mostly eats fruits.


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