“Tesla robotaxi unveil On 8/8”: Will autonomous cars take the helm Soon?

Robotaxi might be the first autonomous car to be marketed extensively.
Robotaxi might be the first autonomous car to be marketed extensively. Credits: Wikimedia/Grendelkhan

Elon Musk dropped a tweet in the first week of April saying that Tesla will unveil its robotaxi on 8th August. Tesla cars already have full self-driving (FSD) mode and autopilot features to assist drivers. However, these features still need supervision. With FSD hitting the benchmark of a billion miles driven on it, a new era is seemingly on the way for Tesla owners.

Musk has already displayed his affinity towards self-driving cars. He has reportedly asked his team to focus on an autonomous vehicle instead of a cheaper EV. He even showed off a covered car at an event in 2023, where he unveiled the Third Master Plan, which piqued the possibility of a robotaxi in progress.

The best bit is definitely the possibility of generating income by sending the self-driving car to pick up and drop off passengers like an online cab service. The owner can earn and pay off lease costs or loans with the robotaxi. This is part of the so-called “Tesla Network” as Musk described in Master Plan Part Deux.

However, critics point out that FSD, let alone a Tesla self-driving car, isn’t entirely reliable yet. Numerous crash reports come from the use of FSD and Autopilot. Yet, the hype around robotaxi proves that Musk is leading in line to shift the gears from human-run cars to autonomous ones along with Waymo, who have started autonomous cab services in LA. Only time can tell us if the unmanned becomes the norm.

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