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Mrinalini Watsa

Summer Issue, 2023


This issue features the inspiring story of a Conservation and Wild Life Biologist Mrinalini Erkenswick Watsa.




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In This Issue

Science in the News, Fantastic Phenomena, Mind Muddlers, Space and Tech,  Crossword, Earth Science, Stem Careers, Guess What? Answers and Credits, Poster, 
What’s Inside
Fantastic Phenomena – Cool Chemicals Discovered by Humans
The human mind has always tinkered around with materials. Even in olden times, we had people trying to convert cheap metal into gold using a not-so-sciencey method called alchemy. 
SCIENCE In the News – A Quake in the Universe?
Scientists have recorded a ripple across the universe for the first time. A shock wave cast a faint glow in the wake of an event that hurled charged particles along the magnetic fields of the universe.
A radio telescope in action
SCIENCE In the News – Stable Patches of Ice Fix Themselves in Antarctica
Although global warming has caused a lot of Antarctic ice to melt, contributing to rising sea levels, large patches of ice in West Antarctica remain stable.
Science Like A Girl –  Mrinalini Erkenswick Watsa
Mrinalini is a DNA hunter. She prowls the Amazon jungle and African grasslands, following monkeys, jaguars, elephants and leopards, collecting the DNA they leave behind in footprints, fur, and poop.
Mrinalini Watsa
Into the Future – Turning Back Time How Scientists Are Bringing Back the Woolly Mammoth
Scientists are close to breakthroughs in cloning ancient animals. Can we bring back what was lost? When did the woolly mammoth go extinct?
woolly mammoth
Animal Engineering: How is Bioluminescence Used in Scientific Laboratories?
One more unexpected use for bioluminescence happens in scientific laboratories. Scientists can create cells that make luciferase and produce bioluminescent light during specific conditions.
Bioluminescent Beach
Blast from the Past – Rita Levi-Montalcini
Narrow escapes, false identities, and tragic romance. They sound like parts of a movie plot. But they were very real for Rita Levi-Montalcini. She was born to a Jewish family in Turin, Italy in 1909. Her strong-willed father directed her childhood.
Rita Levi-Montalcini
Stem Careers – What Do Oncologists Do?
Cancer is a super hard disease to treat. This is because cancer can be caused by a wide variety of factors. From habits like smoking and drinking to chance influences like genes and mutations, many things can cause it.
Dr. Jimmie Holland
Space & Tech – The Future of Space Exploration
It’s your school spring break. The final bell rings, and you and your best friend run outside. “What are you doing for break?” you ask. “We’re going to Mars for the week!” she replies. 
Fun Facts
In other solar systems, there are planets similar to Earth that are in the Goldilocks Zone, where planets are not too hot or too cold, but may have just the right conditions to support life.
Earth Science – Going with the Floe
Professor Polar Bear and Professor Penguin were teaching a class together. The topic? Sea ice! Both were experts―Professor Polar Bear lived in the Arctic and Professor Penguin lived in the Antarctic―so they should have agreed on everything, right?
Phenomenal Physics – How do Eye Glasses Work?
Glasses are worn by people in every corner of the world. Learn about how these seemingly magical pieces of glass let people see. About 79% of the American population needs a form of vision aid. 
Eye Glasses
French naturalist Jean Baptiste Lamarck believed that these herbivores had short necks that become longer to reach the leaves on taller trees. What color is the blood of an octopus. How many hundred million years ago was the period of time called the Devonian period.
Poster – Types of Spider Webs
Orb web: Circular webs are commonly seen in gardens and forests. They are rebuilt every day. Spider Family: Orb weavers / Araneida. Tangle/Cob web: No defined shape or pattern. Commonly found in unused spaces. Spider Family: Tangle-web spiders/ Theridiidae.
Guess What?
These brightly-colored frogs are poisonous, and their bright colors are seen as a warning sign by animals that may choose to prey on them.
Mind Muddler
Which atmospheric gas is toxic to humans, but, in the stratosphere, serves as a shield against the harmful UV rays of the sun? Oxygen, Carbon monoxide, Ethylene, Ozone. What are medicines used to reduce fever called?
mins muddler
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