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Cynthia sung

Spring Issue, 2022

This issue features the inspiring story of American roboticist, Cynthia Sung.



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SCIENCE In the News, Science Like a Girl, Blast from the Past, Watch me Work, Puzzle, Smoretoon.  Mind Muddlers , Space and Tech,  Mind Over Matter, Hands on Science, Book Excerpt, Did You Know? Crossword, Guess What?
What's Inside
Fantastic Phenomena
Blood Falls of Taylor Glacier, Antarctica is all red in color. Recent studies indicate the presence of iron particles in the seawater below this glacier.
SCIENCE In the News
Scientists were able to put a pig heart into a human body through a process called xenotransplantation. The researchers got permission from the FDA to give a dying patient a pig heart.
Archaeology: Prehistoric ‘sea dragon’ Ichthyosaur fossil
An ichthyosaur fossil was discovered in the Rutland Water Nature Reserve in the U.K. and is now the largest, most complete skeleton found of the ancient ocean-dwelling reptile.
Science Like A Girl – Cynthia Sung
Why is it that so many of us think of the things we do for fun and the things we do for school as two separate parts of who we are? Art and science. Hobbies and homework.
Into the Future –  Using 3D Printing to Build Homes
The process of building a house today looks a lot like it did 200 years ago. Construction workers lay out walls brick by brick, board by board, until the entire house is complete.
Hamza is trying to get back home. Help him find his way back by identifying and coloring each tile with a living thing on it.
Blast from the Past – Rosalyn Yalow
In the 1950s, after the invention of the atomic bomb, nuclear energy became something that people were afraid of. But, in that same decade, a few scientists worked very hard to show that it could also be used to save lives.
Watch Me Work – Priya
Hi, my name is Priya. I am an engineer by training, a scientist at heart, a manager by day, and a writer by night. I grew up in various parts of India and moved to the U.S.
Space & Tech – James Webb Telescope
On a clear night, you can see thousands of stars or constellations in the sky. Sometimes you can even spot a planet such as Venus looking like a bright, white light. Venus is the closest planet to the Earth.
What do the number of rings in a tree tell us? Venation, The age of the tree, The type of soil it’s growing in, All of these. One light year is approximately equal to? 6 trillion miles/sec, 6 trillion miles 6 million miles/sec 6 million miles.
Book Excerpt – Conservation First!
If there’s a global water shortage, the first thing we can do is try to use less water and stop being wasteful. We should use only what we really need so there’s more to go around
Let’s Play a Game
Think of a number. Done? Now follow the steps: If the number you thought of is even, divide it by two. If the number you thought of is odd, multiply it with three and add one to the product.
The substance that is present in nails and hair A noble gas that is used in filling light bulbs 1 7 2 5 8 9 17 18 19 14 11 Half of diameter The layer of earth below the crust.
Earth Science – Reading the Winds Interpreting Clouds
Have you ever looked up at the sky and noticed a familiar shape in the clouds? Maybe a train? Or a face? With constantly changing clouds coming in all shapes and sizes,
Hands on Science – The Arrow Flip
A piece of paper with two left-pointing arrows, one on top of the other How to magically flip the direction of the arrows without re-drawing or flipping the paper.
Mind Over Matter – Growing Healthy Friendship
Developing and maintaining positive & healthy friendships is an important part of growing up. When we’re younger, our friendships tend to be based on proximity and shared enjoyment.
Did You Know?
There are more trees on Earth than stars in our galaxy. Scientists estimate there are over 3.04 trillion trees on Earth & between 100 to 400 billion stars in the Milky Way.
Kitchen Science – Life Hack
To fix a rusty object, simply soak it in your favorite fizzy cola. Let it soak for 24 hours. Then use a scrubbing pad to remove the rust. You may need to soak it longer for it to work.
Guess What?
These cuddly-looking brown creatures may look friendly, but they can grow to be about 8 feet (2.5m) long and weigh about 900 pounds. Females with cubs are also known to be very aggressive.
Biology – Lice and Mummies
How scientists are studying lice & DNA to discover ancient human lives. Head lice are parasitic insects that are commonly found on people’s heads where they feed on human blood.
lice and mummies
Smore Toons
Smoretoons with Dash & Dmi


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