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What if Newton never observed an apple falling in the garden? We would have eventually discovered gravity, but possibly decades or centuries later. Science is all about observing the mysterious and the obvious that happens in nature and deducing the reasons behind it. Even simply watching a falling apple sparked a whole new field of scientific research. In this Science Videos for Kids section, we try to provide you these apples of science.

Why We Curate Science Videos For Kids?

Kids may not get the opportunities to witness major scientific events that scientists donning white lab coats can. We seek to close this gap using curated science videos for kids. From wonders of the deep sea to the colors of cold space, these science videos have got you covered. Don’t just watch; keep observing every minute detail. You don’t need equipment to work in your “mind” lab, you just need to think “sciencey.”

Apart from hand-picked science videos for kids, the section comes with a small description about the content and topic of the video, to engage the little scientists in reading as well. For instance, a Venus girdle is a marine creature that glows because of a biochemical reaction. Can you deduce, from this simple observation, at what depths these organisms generally live? You can watch these beautiful marine creatures in our science video section, and also find out where they live from the description.

Sometimes, what you see is NOT what you get. Take the example of slime molds; slimy fungus-like organisms that certainly don’t have a brain, and yet are masters at maps. When food was placed before the slime mold in a pattern to imitate locations in Tokyo, the slime mold grew in a pattern that looked like Tokyo’s subway system. You can watch an amazing video of this experiment in our science videos section.

It is time to pick up a magnifying glass and zoom into the world of science, with the help of science videos. Question what you watch, and maybe the next apple of science that falls could lead to your own discovery.

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