Swarna Ramakrishnan

Swarna Ramakrishnan has been fascinated by the natural world ever since she was a young girl! She graduated from Azim Premji University, India with a Bachelor’s in Biology and a minor in applied mathematics. During her research, she trekked through the beautiful forests of the Western Ghats in India to answer questions about stomata and climate change. Currently, she is pursuing her Master’s in Biophysics from Ulm University, Germany. Swarna writes for Smore magazine to spread stories of nature in hopes of inspiring the next generation of scientists!


Guarding Cells – The Role Of Stomata Against Pathogens

When plants are under attack from pathogens, they use tiny pores called stomata as their first line of defense. Table of Contents Plants and pathogens Microbes are tiny organisms that can be found nearly everywhere – from ocean floors to the soil under your feet. They are even found inside you! They do a range …

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