10 Jobs With a Physics Degree

Physics is a field of science that studies matter, motion, time and space. If you are curious about how planes fly, how a ball rolls downhill, or how the universe was created, then you love physics!  

What can you do with physics when you grow up? Here are 10 professions you could get into with a physics education. Which one would you be doing as a grown up? 

1. Research Scientist (Physicist)

Chien-Shiung Wu. Nicknamed “First Lady of Physics”
Chien-Shiung Wu. Nicknamed “First Lady of Physics” was an experimental physicist at Columbia University.

2. Space and Astronomy

Sally Ride
Sally Ride, the first American woman in space had a PhD in physics and began her astronaut career as a mission specialist.

3. Medical physicist

Heather Williams is a Principal Medical Physicist for Nuclear Medicine
Heather Williams is a Principal Medical Physicist for Nuclear Medicine at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

4. Geophysicist

Geophysicist Sarah Harvey
Geophysicist Sarah Harvey works as a mining exploration geologist who is based in northern Ethiopia and spends her time looking for gold, Credit: The British Geophysical Association

5. Meteorologist

Krista Thomason
Krista Thomason majored in Physics-Meteorology from Ohio University.

6. Science Teacher

Alexandra Solender
Alexandra Solender Boyd teaches physics at Holly Springs High School, N.C.

7. Science Journalist

Sophie Bushwick
Sophie Bushwick is a science journalist who shares her love for physics through writing. She has written for magazines including Popular Science and Scientific American, credit: sophiebushwick.com

8. Science policy

Talia Weiss
Talia Weiss has a degree in physics and political science from MIT. She now develops programs around climate, nuclear and emerging technology risks at the University of Chicago.

9. Optical Engineer

Yasaman Soudagar
Yasaman Soudagar invented a small microscope that can be attached to different regions of the brain and can collect brain activity data. She has patented her invention and launched her own company, Neurescence.

10. Data Scientist

Jennifer Chayes
Jennifer Chayes is the managing director at Microsoft Research where she focuses on machine learning, Credit: Microsoft

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