Bath Bomb Kit


With this hands-on kit, you can make your own fizzy bath bombs and learn about the amazing chemical reactions that make it possible. They also make wonderful handmade gifts. Each kit will make about 2 bath bombs using the mold in the kit. An instruction sheet also comes with a fail-proof recipe to make more.

Kit Includes : Bath bomb mixes, dried lavender flowers, bath bomb molds, and a spray bottle
Recommended for kids ages 8+




Does your child love a hot bath? Or does he have to be forced to take a bath? Either way, adding invigorating bath bombs to a boring cleansing routine will elevate this ordinary experience to a whole new level.

What You’ll love about this Kit?

  • It’s a unique way to introduce chemistry in a simple routine activity such as taking a bath.
  • Bath bombs added to a relaxing warm tub of water will guarantee kids will have a blast during bath time.
  • You’re essentially hitting two birds with one stone – getting the kids clean and making them learn at the same time.
  • Bath bomb Kits also make wonderful handmade gifts.

What Science Concepts are covered in this Kit?

  • mixtures and their proportions
  • chemical reactions
  • acids- base chemistry
  • what is a catalyst?

What does the kit include?

  • bath bomb mixes
  • dried lavender flowers
  • bath bomb molds
  • a spray bottle

Each kit will make about 2 bath bombs using the mold in the kit. An instruction sheet also comes with a fail-proof recipe to make more.

The Chemistry Behind Bath Bombs

But how do bath bombs work? What makes them fizzle?

The answer is simple chemistry. There are many different ingredients when making a bath bomb. You can add different scents, colors, or textures.  But all bath bombs have baking soda and citric acid. These ingredients react when they touch the water, producing that exciting chemical reaction that creates a lot of bubbles.

How to Use the Kit?

Kids will mix the ingredients in the kit, put them in the mold, and let them dry. Once the bath bombs are dry, they’re ready for a test run.

Fill a tub with warm water and drop the bomb right in. Watch it fizzle and be fascinated with the chemical reaction taking place.

How Can You Get Creative with This Kit?

Once kids have succeeded in conducting this experiment, it’s possible to try other ways to do this experiment. Talk about hours and hours of fun and learning connected to science!

  • They can test different quantities of the ingredients to see which combination produces the most fizz.
  • They can also try different colors, scents, and shapes to enhance their creativity and imagination.
  • They can test their bath bombs in tubs with different water temperatures.

There are definitely several ways to expand this experiment and maximize the use of this kit while improving your child’s scientific knowledge and skills.

With a variety of possible ways to get creative with this experiment, your family will surely have an array of bath bombs that you can use for personal consumption or give away to family and friends as gifts as it is absolutely safe for kids to use. Read here to know more.

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