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Bon Voyage

Ballooning: How Spiders Fly

Bon Voyage—Young spiders ballooning in the Santa Cruz Mountains of the San Francisco Peninsula, Credit:: Little Grove Farms One of the best pilots in nature has no wings! From birds and bats to insects that fly, wings are the most common organs of flight. However, their eight-legged neighbours prefer using webs to wings. Spiders use …

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Hydroponics: Gardening Without Soil

Credit: Kennedy Space Center, NASA Soil isn’t always necessary to garden. Hydroponics needs just nutrient-rich water to grow a plant. There are multiple ways to set up hydroponic growing; here we will focus on the wick method. Materials needed 1. 1⁄2 US gal. (1.9 L) bottle2. A pair of scissors (use under adult supervision)3. Twine …

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Slime Mold Form a Map of the Tokyo-area Railway System

https://youtu.be/GwKuFREOgmo Slime molds are one of the smartest among lower organisms. These gooey, slimy blobs form veins as they spread along dead logs or leaves, or anything that they deem as food. Slime molds are unique and do not fit well into the current system of classification. When it comes to research on slime molds, …

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Science Digest Edition Aug 15 – Aug 31, 2022

Print Smore Science Digest A biweekly science newsletter for kids Edition 8 | Aug 15,2022 – Aug 31,2022 In This Issue:  Trending News:  Scientists from Yale revive dead pig’s organs| Piece of SpaceX capsule crashes in a field in Australia | Would you rather | STEM Around Us: Ballooning: How spiders fly | Science Video | …

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Build a Chair STEM Challenge

A single chair can be used by different people whose body shapes and sizes may differ. To withstand different loads, chairs are designed to distribute the pressure caused by the body sitting on them. If the pressure of the body is not distributed properly on a chair, it can cause discomfort while sitting.                                                Try it: …

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potato osmosis

Potato Osmosis Experiment

Osmosis Experiment, Credit: @ghssciofficial Greenford High School Science Osmosis is the movement of water from an area of its lower concentration to its higher concentration across a semi-permeable cell membrane. The addition of salt can change the concentration of water and the osmotic gradient. Salt can help us cook. In this osmosis experiment you will …

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Venus Girdle

Venus Girdle JellyFish

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEKTbX20byM&t=47s%20 It is believed that we know more about outer space than our oceans. Oceans hide spectacular animals under the deep blue waters. Colors in the ocean don’t necessarily fade with depth.  A bioluminescent, deep-sea comb jellyfish named Venus’ girdle is the proof. These jellyfish look like transparent rainbows in the ocean. They mostly swim around …

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