Chemistry Kit for Kids


Chemistry might be scary but not once you have this Chemistry kit. With pH indicators, pipettes, antacid tablets this kit will bring Chemistry to life allowing kids to learn and play at the same time.


This Chemistry kit is a great way to give kids hands-on experience in chemistry.

Why should kids learn Chemistry?

Chemistry is an important branch of science that helps us understand the properties of things around us and how they interact with the environment. From antacids that relieve heartburn to shampoos for squeaky clean hair; there is chemistry in action all around us.

What Science Concepts are covered in this Kit?

  • acids
  • bases
  • pH
  • indicators
  • chemical reactions

What does the Kid Chemistry kit include?

This cool kit includes:

  1. red cabbage indicator
  2. pH paper
  3. Pipettes
  4. antacid tablets
  5. instruction and activity sheet

The kit includes a red cabbage indicator, which is a chemical that changes color when an acid or base is added to it. Adding the antacid tablets to the indicator will stimulate a chemical reaction. Why? Because red cabbage has anthocyanin, a pigment that changes color when an acid or base is added to it. The experiment will be interesting and exciting for the kids because they can watch the color-changing reaction happening before their very eyes.

All included materials are enough for 3-6 experiments.

What You'll Love About This Kit?

  • enhances curiosity and develops the habit of scientific inquiry
  • clarifies how things behave, what they’re made of, and how they can affect other things around them
  • deepens children’s knowledge of chemistry in the world around them.
  • makes for a great gift to keep kids busy and entertained while learning

With this kid chemistry kit, kids will experiment and explore the acid-base science behind the products we use every day. Like, little chemists, they can use the kit to determine how acids and bases interact with other substances.

How Can You Get Creative With This Kit?

  • Try adding other products like vinegar, water, or coffee to the indicator and watch the chemical reaction.

This can help children understand that acids and bases can be found all around us and that there’s a simple way to test whether something is an acid or base.

It will certainly keep them busy as they look for potential items around them that they can test and use in the experiment.

Friendly reminder, though. Be careful in handling the products and always perform the experiment with safety precautions in mind!

  • Investigate and find out why it’s important to test whether a substance is an acid or a base.

As an example, lifeguards constantly test the water in swimming pools to determine if it’s safe. They use a test kit far more complicated than this kid chemistry kit but ultimately has the same basic function. This additional activity can emphasize the importance of the experiment and make the kids realize how it can have real-world applications.

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