Draw with Light Science Kit


Ever wondered what makes things glow in the dark? From glow sticks to glow in the dark toys and clothes and even glowing animals, there is some real cool science behind it. With this kit, you can explore the science of what makes things glow and express your creativity and drawing skills. Bonus: Have fun making top secret messages with the invisible ink pen.

Kit Includes: Phosphorescent sheet, LEDs, Blacklight and Invisible Ink Pen


Ever wondered what makes things glow in the dark? From glow sticks to glow-in-the-dark toys, clothes, and even animals, there is some really cool science behind it.

With this awesome draw with light science kit, kids can perform experiments with light and gain new knowledge about how light works and how it is used in different ways in our daily lives. Kids can do their own light experiments and activities by following the steps in the instruction manual, watch what happens closely, record their observations, and even try different things to see some amazing results. The activities in the kit are designed to encourage kids to be careful, observant, and detail-oriented. All valuable STEM skills for budding scientists!

The kit can also turn into an interactive family activity as kids ask parents or siblings to decode secret messages using the backlight included in the kit.

This draw with light science kit is definitely a fun way for kids to learn about STEM concepts connected to light.

What you’ll love about this kit:

  • Kids can understand and explore the science of what makes things glow.
  • Kids can express their creativity and drawing skills.
  • It can be a great family-game night activity creating and solving fun, top-secret, or just plain silly messages with the invisible ink pen.

Science concepts kids can learn from this kit:

  • What is light and how does light work?

Light is made up of photons that reach our eyes so we can see everything around us.

  • What is visible and invisible light?

Humans can only see visible light. But there are other kinds of light that are not visible to the human eye like ultraviolet or infrared light.

  • What are the different uses of light?

Typically, we use light to see the things around us. However, there are other types of light like blacklight that we use for other purposes such as detecting fake money, observing crime scenes, and identifying certain medical conditions.

  • What is luminescence?

The process of luminescence is achieved by specific materials without the need for heat or high temperatures. Instead, substances called phosphors absorb energy from a UV light source and transform it to visible light.

  • What are the different types of luminescence?

There are different types of luminescence and each is created in different ways. They are Chemiluminescence (created by chemical reactions), Bioluminescence (created by glowing animals), Radioluminescence (created by radioactive substances), Phosphorescence (created when phosphors absorb and emit light)

What the kit includes:

  • Phosphorescent sheet
  • LEDs
  • Blacklight
  • Invisible ink pen

Recommended for ages 8+

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