Owl Pellet Dissection Kit


The Owl Pellet Dissection Kit gives children the unique opportunity to handle an actual specimen from nature, see the feeding habits of the Owl and understand nature’s delicate balance of the food chain. 

Each kit contains

  • 2-heat sterilized Barn Owl Pellet wrapped in aluminum foil
  • plastic forceps,
  • dissecting probes
  • gloves
  • detailed instruction manual with scientific explanations
  • extension activities to enhance the learning experience

Recommended for ages 8 years and up. 

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The Smore Science Owl Pellet Dissection kit gives children the unique opportunity to handle an actual specimen from nature. Don’t worry. The pellets are clean and completely sanitized. They are safe for children to handle. As with any experimental activities, we encourage that children use personal protective gear like gloves and safety goggles when using the kit.

Apart from giving kids a chance to test their observation and analysis skills, this owl pellet dissection kit also gives them a bigger understanding of the ecological system in which owls and their prey belong.


What the owl pellet dissection kit includes?

  • 2-heat sterilized Barn Owl Pellet wrapped in aluminum foil
  • Plastic forceps
  • Dissecting probes
  • Gloves
  • Detailed instruction manual with scientific explanations
  • Extension activities to enhance the learning experience

What can children learn from this kit?

Even for scientists, learning about owls is difficult because most of them are active at night. Scientists still want to know more about the owls’ behavior and how they interact with their environment.

By dissecting owl pellets, children can learn about what owls eat, where they live, and how they affect the ecological balance of their environment.

Careful observation and thorough analysis of an owl pellet’s contents can help kids develop skills useful for future scientific activities. Sorting the animal parts, measuring, taking pictures, recording their observations, and trying to find out what animals were eaten by the owls develops their research skills.

What you’ll love about this kit?

  • It includes additional extension activities and fun facts to continue the learning beyond the kit experiments.
  • It teaches kids about the value of the careful and thorough scientific investigation.
  • It develops their skills to gather, record, and analyze data accurately.
  • It activates their curiosity and helps them enhance their research skills.
  • It helps them understand how science can be used to protect the delicate balance of life on Earth.

Science concepts covered in owl pellet dissection kit:

  • Owl Diet
  • Identifying skeletal structures of owl prey
  • Food chains and food web
  • What is an ecosystem

Learning more about owls and their interaction with their environment will help children better understand and want to protect the environment where owls and their prey flourish.

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