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A spy science kit that will unleash your inner Sherlock Holmes! This fingerprint analysis kit includes everything you need to learn and discover a lot about fingerprints. Try to collect and identify prints, play detective, and do other exciting things with the materials included.


This spy science kit will unleash your inner Sherlock Holmes! The fingerprint analysis kit comes with all the things needed for kids to learn and discover a lot of new things about fingerprints. Try to collect and identify prints plus other exciting things with the materials included in the kit.

Kids will enjoy dipping their fingers in ink and looking at the prints. Other members of the family can also join in on the fun.

It’s going to be fun and messy, so get your sinks ready! You may also take the chance to teach kids the proper way to wash their hands to remove the ink from their fingers.

What you’ll love:

  • The spy science kit includes fun experiments like making giant fingerprints, collecting hidden prints, and matching mystery doorknob prints in the house.
  • The kit can help enhance children’s curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving skills.
  • A detailed explanation of the science behind using fingerprints to identify people is part of the kit.
  • The kit also comes with extension activities. You may also come up with some of your own like fingerprint animal or flower art.

What the kit includes:

  • mini ink pad
  • balloons
  • fingerprint powder
  • brush
  • notecards

You might also want to use a magnifying glass to inspect fingerprints more closely.

Instead of the mini ink pad, you can also use pencil lead, poster paint, or watercolor to collect fingerprints.

Fun facts about fingerprints:

Did you know that the lines and wrinkles in your fingers create a unique pattern? All humans have fingerprints, and each person’s fingerprint is unique. Even identical twins don’t have the same fingerprints.

A person’s fingerprints develop even before they were born. The prints don’t change for the rest of a person’s life. Thus, they have been used to identify people for a long time. Records show that even people who lived thousands of years ago, like the Babylonians and the Chinese, used fingerprints to catch bad guys.

But fingerprints do not only help us identify people. They also help us grip and hold things. Without these prints on our fingers, we won’t be able to hold a pen or pick up a ball.

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