Smore Summer of STEM Challenge #2

We were blown away by the creativity of the submissions we got for the Smore Summer of STEM challenge 1 – Super Slides. Are you ready for the next STEM challenge?


Did you know the average American family uses 1500 plastic shopping bags a year? According to Waste Management, only 1% of these bags are recycled. Which means on average only 15 bags per household are recycled in a year; everything else ends up in the landfill and from there into our oceans.

Have you ever looked at a plastic bag and knew it could be so much more? A shopping bag with unlimited potential!

Now is your chance! We are looking for creative ways you can repurpose a used plastic bag (shopping bags, grocery bags, produce bags etc) and give it a fate other than the trash/recycle bin. Your unique idea would inspire others to follow and find ways to repurpose their own plastic bags.

Together we can do our part in reusing plastic that would otherwise end up in our oceans and harm marine life.

Your winning design could win an awesome scarf of your choice from our challenge partner Princess Awesome

How to enter

  • Email your entries (photos or videos) to with the subject line RECYCLED BAGS SUBMISSION. You must also include a brief description of the materials you used, any challenges you encountered during the building process and how you overcame them
  • This challenge ends on July 25th


Challenge open to children ages 6-12 years in USA.

You can accept the challenge by yourself or as a team. In the event of a team winning a challenge, one prize is given to the entire team.

Winners will be chosen and notified via email by July 27.



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