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Prototype A Kite

Prototype A Kite

To prototype is to create an example of something. Prototypes are quick creations that give us ideas for the next stage of what we will make or invent. This project is about fueling your imagination for flight, just like Leonardo. Let’s experience the same forces of flight as pilots do at NASA. Here is the …

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Build a Chair STEM Challenge

A single chair can be used by different people whose body shapes and sizes may differ. To withstand different loads, chairs are designed to distribute the pressure caused by the body sitting on them. If the pressure of the body is not distributed properly on a chair, it can cause discomfort while sitting.                                                Try it: …

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a simple diagram of an acid/base reaction creating salt and water

Carbon Dioxide Balloon Race STEM Challenge

Have you ever mixed vinegar and baking soda (and maybe a little red food coloring) to create a homemade volcano?  It’s fun to see the reaction of these two common household chemicals.  But what is happening at the molecular level that makes these two substances react?  This reaction is known as an acid-base reaction.  Vinegar …

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