DIY : Make Your Own Animation

Now that we know how optical illusion works, let’s have some fun with it! Learn how to make a classic “persistence of vision” toy known as the Thaumatrope.


1. Plain index card

2. Drawing and Coloring supplies

3. Recycled straw or pencil

4. Scotch tape



1. Fold the index card in half

2. Draw designs on each half of the paper. Pick two simple images that will make one complete image when they come together (Bird and Cage, Flower and Vase or Fish and Bowl).


3. Once the images are drawn and colored, flip the paper over, and tape a straw or pencil to the back of one of the panels.


4. Fold the thaumatrope and secure the two open ends with tape.


5. Hold the straw or pencil between your palms and roll it back and forth very quickly.


6. Your thaumatrope will start moving and your images will start to look as one!

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