Sai Sudha, Ph.D.

Dr. Sudha Purushothaman with a Ph.D. in Biochemistry has been fascinated by writing for a long, long time. She researches metabolism and its role in pluripotency. Her commitment to research kept her away from writing. Finally, during the pandemic she became a full-time science writer. She strongly believes that curiosity-driven learning harnesses the cognitive skills. She considers that writing is a way of leaving your fossil behind. She enjoys creativity in writing and believes that every article must have a storyboard. She needs her daily dose of yoga and recommends yoga and meditation for neural connectivity. The prime attraction in writing for Smore is the target audience, youngsters who need to be inspired to seek STEM as their career.


How Are Shadows Formed?

Before the invention of the clock, people determined time by the length of the shadow. What are shadows? How are shadows formed? A shadow represents an absence of light. When an object blocks the passage of light, the other side of that object will get less light, forming a dark shape of the object behind …

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Tracking the composition of matter

How did Rutherford Discover the Nucleus?

Table of Contents In the early 18th century, the atom was considered indivisible. But we know that atoms can be further divided into protons, neutrons, and electrons. JJ Thomson and Ernst Rutherford proved that the atom is divisible by their discovery of the electron and the nucleus. So, how did Rutherford discover the nucleus? By …

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How Do We See Colors?

Seeing color is one of the most beautiful gifts of nature.

Colors make our world bright and cheerful. Colors are everywhere: green in leaves, blue in our sky, and brown in soil. Animals use colors to attract mates (peacocks) or warn away their predators (frogs). For us, a world without colors is unimaginable. But how do we see colors? Table of Contents The word “color” reminds …

How Do We See Colors?

Seeing color is one of the most beautiful gifts of nature.

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Learning About Electronics: How You Can Get Started

Your child belongs to a generation born into advanced technology. Compared to those of us who had to live with dial-up connections and CDs before eventually entering the era of the Netflix and Amazons of this world, they will be growing up around even faster and more advanced technologies that have endless possibilities. So if …

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