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More than just a STEM magazine for kids: Smore

Smore is an informative, engaging, and beautifully illustrated science magazine for kids. It will educate, challenge, and encourage kids to love STEM.

What is STEM education and why do you need a science magazine for kids ?

I’m sure you’ve heard of one of the hottest buzzwords in the field of education these days. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. However, STEM education is not as simple as teaching these areas separately. It involves the integration of the four disciplines and the application of STEM concepts to solve real-world problems.

STEM education emphasizes active and experiential learning. Children learn by doing. When presented with a problem that needs a solution, STEM education teaches them to analyze, observe, explore, think creatively, and learn from their mistakes. These skills are useful, not just in school, but also in real life. 

However, according to statistics, only 20 % of students who graduate from US high schools are ready to do the coursework in STEM majors. This has led to an ongoing crisis of millions of unfulfilled STEM jobs.

This is where Smore comes in. Smore is an informative, engaging, beautifully illustrated science magazine that features outstanding women in STEM fields. It’s the perfect material to inspire your kids to love STEM. Who knows? Reading the magazine just might make them realize that pursuing a career in STEM would be awesome!

What is Smore Magazine ?

Science magazine for kids loaded with cool science articles written by experts, colorful original graphics, and interactive content, Smore is a kid-friendly science magazine that has the perfect balance of informative and entertaining. Because it’s fun and easy to read, kids won’t even notice that they’re learning so much!

Parents, teachers, or STEM professionals themselves can use the quarterly issues as helpful tools to inspire kids to learn more and achieve more in science, technology, engineering, and math.

What kind of content does Smore have ?

While Smore was designed to provide girls with role models in STEM fields, it makes for an incredible read for girls and boys alike. Several features will surely appeal to any science-loving kid who’s thirsty for knowledge.

Science in the News

Showcases the freshest cutting-edge science news from around the world.

Science in the News

Science like a Girl

Tells the story of famous women in STEM fields.

Into the Future

Reveals the latest innovation and the hottest technology invented.


Blast from the Past

Covers brilliant figures in science history and recounts their achievements.

Watch me Work

Spotlights cool STEM careers and how to get there.

Watch me Work

Space Science

Gives a peek into the fascinating world of outer space and space flight.

Earth Science

Spotlights fascinating natural phenomena.

Earth Science

Mind over Matter

Focuses on wellbeing and mental health.

mental health kids

Kitchen Science

The section that has fun experiments using kitchen ingredients and also dishes out practical, real-life advice to use science in our everyday lives.

Hands-on Science

Teaches kids to do easy science experiments that explain big science concepts and answer mind-boggling questions.

Animal Engineering

Inspiring and creative engineering designs and constructions from the animal species.

Animal Engineering

But Smore is not all serious science stuff. There are also loads of entertaining content to jazz up all the educational learning. Kids can also enjoy puzzles, cartoons, trivia, and more.

Why Smore is the perfect science magazine for kids ?

Smore is an incredible page-turner with tons of cool features. The articles cover a wide range of topics such as space science, biology, earth science, and archeology that will surely appeal to a wide range of readers. We have seen kids as little as 8 and as old as 80 enjoying the magazine.
It’s an exceptionally rich resource for kids who are interested in STEM, and the subscription is definitely a great value for money.

If you’re interested to learn more about Smore, head on to the website and find other STEM resources available.

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