Crows: Birds with Remarkable Intelligence

  • Crows and other corvids are intelligent birds that use tools to solve problems and forage for food.


  •  New Caledonian crows, in particular, have been shown to possess problem-solving skills that rival those of 5 to 7-year-old children.


  • In experiments, these crows have been able to use tools to obtain treats that were otherwise out of reach, and they can even build compound tools with multiple parts.


  • They have also demonstrated an ability to plan for the future, choosing tools that will help them obtain rewards later on.


  • While crows and other corvids are not mammals, they possess a level of intelligence that is similar to that of some of the most intelligent mammals, such as primates and orcas.


  • Researchers are interested in understanding how bird intelligence is wired and whether it is different from mammalian intelligence.


  • Crows and other corvids have been observed to recognize faces and hold grudges, indicating that they possess a level of social intelligence that is unusual for birds.


  • While crows are known for their intelligence, they still struggle with certain types of tasks, such as understanding the difference between a wide and narrow tube.


  • Overall, the intelligence of crows and other corvids challenges our assumptions about which animals are the smartest and raises questions about the nature of intelligence itself.


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