Science Magazine for Kids-Chemist Roselin Rosario


Smore is a science magazine for kids, girls, and aspiring cosmetic chemists featuring ROSELIN ROSARIO MELENDEZ


Science Magazine for kids featuring the famous woman chemist Roselin Rosario.

As a young girl, Roselin loved makeup. But even her younger self could not have imagined that one day she would end up creating a best-selling lipstick as a chemist.  This science magazine for kids features her story unheard of before. She had never met a single chemist growing up in Puerto Rico let alone heard of a cosmetic chemist. A wonderful story that is sure to inspire every young reader to find the beauty in science. These role models not only share the exciting parts of their careers in this science magazine for kids but also how they got started and how they overcome obstacles and went on to make discoveries and inventions to make life better for us.
For Ynes Mexia, science was an adventure. A fascinating story of this Mexican-American botanist who began her career at 55 years and went on to collect over 150,000 species.
Watch public health entomologist Dr. Liz Dykstra do her work and her advice for those interested in doing her job.
The unlikely story of an interstellar message that was sent in 2009 from Australia.
News about pandemic pollution, slithery snakes, and a mummy with the golden tongue!
A super cool leaf identification poster, joke, kitchen science, spring cleaning with science and it’s packed with the fan favorites: science news, cool games, fun trivia, challenging crosswords,  DIY,  and more.
♨️Don’t miss out on 56-pages of science wonder, knowledge, fun, and inspiration.
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