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The brilliant, science-enthusiast, all-rounder girl who inspires to excel in everything. This magazine is for you. Every new issue brings you an inspiring woman to show you your future self. With interesting articles, science facts, new discoveries, and quizzes, this magazine is bound to become your best friend.


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Science Magazine featuring Data Scientist Ivana Seric.

How can we raise children who will excel in a world filled with both visible and invisible threats?⁠ The Philadelphia 76ers’ Dr. Ivana Seric is a physician. Her duty, however, is not to look after the health of the NBA team; it is to analyze the statistics. Ivana is doing something her younger self could not have dreamt of by continuing to pursue her lifelong passion for math and basketball, from the age of seven. To read Smore’s feature article on Ivana  click here

Ivana’s unique tale proves that it is possible to pursue a career path that includes all of your passions! Her advice is to choose projects that you enjoy working on because they will give you chances that you never imagined.

Check out Ivana’s amazing tale in the most recent issue of Smore science magazine articles – a must-read for any young person interested in a career in the NBA, data scientists, technology, or art.

Jam-packed with science-fan favorites like science news, intriguing games, entertaining trivia, hard crosswords, DIY, decoding science jargon, and more, this is the must-have magazine for all those future scientists and researchers.

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To know more about Ivana’s brilliant work click here.

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