Girls in STEM-AI expert, Nuria Oliver


Issue 20 features the inspiring story of computer scientist and AI expert Nuria Oliver.

Smore is a magazine for girls in STEM. This issue features AI expert Nuria Oliver

For computer scientist Dr. Nuria Oliver, taking on unsolved problems means finding the right people, asking the right questions, and not being afraid to try. That approach not only helped her and her career, it also helped her use computers to do everything from recognize facial expressions and fight malaria to help her country in its battle against COVID-19.
After traveling for weeks, Fe del Mundo finally arrived at Harvard Medical School to study pediatrics. It was 1936, and the 24-year-old doctor had never traveled outside the Philippines. She reported to the address she had been given only to discover it was a men’s dormitory. Harvard did not admit women.
“Dolly, the sheep was created when I was 12. I became fascinated with genetics and genetic engineering. During my bachelor’s and master’s studies, I took several biology and chemistry classes and developed an interest in food chemistry. I then decided to start a Ph.D. in food chemistry, and now I analyze food to test its quality.” – Martina Bodner, Food Scientist.
INTO THE FUTURE: Using Viruses to Fight Bacteria?
SPACE & TECH: Meet Percy, The Mars Rover
BRAIN SCIENCE: How Repetition Strengthens Memory
MIND OVER MATTER: How to Stay Grounded When Your Emotions Take Off.
KITCHEN SCIENCE: How to Make Ice-Cream in a Bag
POSTER: A Breathtakingly Beautiful Ocean Zones poster designed by Rie Koishi
Crosswords, Trivia, Did You Know, Guess What, Book Excerpts, and more!

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