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Pile your shelves with stories of inspiring women who stood for their ambitions and achieved it all. From motivating real-life stories of women in science to fascinating facts about discoveries, limited not just to Earth but the vast Universe-this magazine has it all.

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Smore is a magazine for girls in STEM

This issue is for every girl who has looked up at the sky- know that SKY IS NOT THE LIMIT 🚀 . Featuring space science expert Natalie Panek.

As a young girl in Alberta, Canada, Natalie Panek spent a lot of time with the stars. Whatever she did as a child, she always thought about the stars. Be it stargazing or watching Star Trek, she never forgot about the stars. Today that stargazing little girl has grown up to become a space roboticist.

She works on Mars rovers. She helps create robots that can repair satellites still in orbit.

Natalie’s fascinating story is proof that it is possible to follow a path that combines your many interests! Her advice – find things you enjoy working on and they will lead you to opportunities you could not have even dreamt of! To read Smore’s feature article on Natalie click here.

Check out Natalie Panek’s inspiring story in the latest issue of Smore science magazine articles. It is a must-read for every kid who has wondered about space science and stars. The sky should not be a limit for them.

A super cool leaf identification poster, joke, kitchen science, and spring cleaning with science also await in this amazing issue!

It’s packed with the fan favorites: science news, cool games, fun trivia, challenging crosswords,  DIY, space science puzzles, decoding science words, and much more.

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@nmpanek‘s story inspires every little girl to reach for the stars and never give up on her dreams.

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