Conservation and Wild Life Biologist Mrinalini Watsa


Featuring Conservation and Wild Life Biologist Mrinalini Watsa



Dive into the fascinating world of science with our Smore Science magazine summer issue! Get up close and personal with the brilliant conservation and wildlife biologist Mrinalini Erkenswick Watsa as she shares her insights and experiences working at the forefront of ecological preservation.

This issue is your perfect summer read and is packed page to page with captivating articles that will make you go “Whoa, that’s so cool!

– *Resurrecting the Past:* Discover how cutting-edge science aims to resurrect extinct species, starting with the woolly mammoth.
– *The Art of Spider Webs:* Marvel at nature’s smartest engineers and their intricate webs they spin with a stunning poster.
– *Glow in the Dark:* Unravel the mysteries of bioluminescent algae and their beautiful light displays.
– *A Tale of Two Poles:* Did you know that there is a difference between Arctic and Antarctic sea ice? Read all about it and how that affects our planet.
– *Clearing the Blur:* Unlock the secrets behind eyeglasses, from how they work to how they enhance our vision.
– *Celebrating Rita Levi Montalcini:* Take a look at the remarkable life and achievements of this trailblazing Nobel Prize-winning neuroscientist.
– *Stars Planets and Beyond:* Explore humanity’s next daring leaps in space exploration.

Also, find plenty of other exciting features and fun activities to keep you entertained through the hot summer days. Don’t miss out on this must-have Smore issue. Order your copy today!

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