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Smore is a magazine for girls who code. This issue features cinematographer and director of photography for lighting Daniel Feinberg.

A must read issue for Girls who code. Danielle Feinberg knows what magic feels like.  As Director of Photography for Lighting for Pixar Animation Studios, she breathes life into worlds and characters of movies like Coco, Brave, WALL-E, and more. And creating that magic means finding a way to be an artist and a scientist at the same time. In the Jan/Feb issue, read about Danielle’s inspirational journey of loving art, discovering science, and making magic with both.

She is surely an inspiration for girls who code. These role models not only share the exciting parts of their careers in this science magazine for kids but also how they got started and how they overcome obstacles and went on to make discoveries and inventions to make life better for us.

– Animation is awesome! Learn how it works and create one on your own.
– How Grace Hopper helped jumpstart the computer age being a computer scientist in the navy.
– What is Virtual Reality and why is it coming to your doctor’s office?
– Love Space? Then see how a career as a Space Miner would be perfect for you.
– Want to use science to help solve crimes? Meet forensic scientist Dr. Kelly Knight.
A super cool leaf identification poster, joke, kitchen science, spring cleaning with science, and it’s packed with the fan favorites: science news, cool games, fun trivia, challenging crosswords,  DIY, decoding science words, and more.

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