Women Engineers – Engineer, Author, Arlyne Simon


Issue features the inspiring story of Engineer, Inventor, Author, Arlyne Simon.


Smore is a magazine for future Women Engineers. This issue features Engineer, Inventor, Author, Arlyne Simon
In this fall issue, we celebrate innovation, curiosity, confidence, and passion -qualities that embody the inspiring women we have featured in this issue. These role models not only share the exciting parts of their careers but also how they got started and how they overcome obstacles and went on to make discoveries and inventions to make life better for us all.
What’s Inside This Issue?
✅ Cover story featuring Arlyne Simon, who came to the USA from Dominica and worked her way to become a successful STEM professional. Through her story, Arlyne hopes to show young children that if you’re brave enough to take on hard problems and aren’t afraid to fail, you too can set off on a great adventure of your own.
✅ The extraordinary life story of Alice Ball whose contribution to curing leprosy went mostly unrecognized for over 90 years.
✅ How Claire Malone, a particle physicist does not let her physical disability stop her from being a super curious and passionate researcher.
✅ Why is the Sky Blue on Earth but Butterscotch on Mars?
✅ How come animals always know where are going when they migrate?
✅ What creates Auroras/Polar Lights and why do we need to be near the poles to see them?
✅ We got you covered for this Halloween. We show you how to make FRANKENWORMS… it’s spooktacular!
💡Plus it’s packed with the fan favorites: science news, cool games, fun trivia, challenging crosswords,  DIY,  and more.
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