Astrophysicist Burcin Mutlu-Pakdil


This issue is for aspiring astrophysicists. Featuring Burcin Mutlu Pakdil


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Unleash Your Inner Scientist with Smore’s Spring Issue! Featuring the Remarkable Journey of Astronomer Burcin Mutlu Pakdil.

Are you ready to be inspired? The spring issue of Smore is finally here, and we’re proud to showcase the incredible story of astronomer Burcin Mutlu Pakdil, who has an entire galaxy named after her.

From a young middle schooler in Istanbul, Turkey with a dream of becoming the smartest person in the world, Burcin found her passion in astrophysics. Despite facing challenges as a woman wearing a hijab, she persevered and went on to make groundbreaking discoveries in galaxy evolution.

In this issue, we delve into Burcin’s journey and showcase her unwavering determination to follow her dreams. But that’s not all! Along with her story, you’ll also find plenty of other exciting features and fun activities to keep you entertained. From hands-on experiments to interactive puzzles, Smore has something for everyone.

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