Cyber Security for Kids- Laura Deaner


In this issue children learn about cybersecurity, staying safe online, and what it takes to pursue a STEM career in this field like Laura Deaner.

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Smore is a magazine for kids in STEM. This issue features Laura Deaner

Laura loved computers as a little girl and was fascinated about cyber security for kids and read everything she could about them. It was this love for computers that helped her overcome the intimidation of being the only girl in her computer science class. Today, with her career in cybersecurity, she not only fights cybercrime but also inspires young girls and shows them that they can do it too.⁠

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  • Top 10 rules to stay safe online
  • Why space travel is bad for you?
  • Conservationist Kristen Lear shows you how to be a rocking Bat Biologist.
  • Fun with Ciphers

Check out Laura’s inspiring story in the latest issue of Smore – a must-read for every kid who has wondered about a future in the world of science, technology, and cyber security for kids. Plus, a super cool leaf identification poster, joke, kitchen science, spring cleaning with science, and it’s packed with the fan favorites: science news, cool games, fun trivia, challenging crosswords, DIY, decoding science words, and more.

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