Marble Maze STEM Challenge

People of all ages find mazes to be fun, but did you know they are also good for your brain?  As you solve the path through a maze, your brain is busy reasoning, remembering, and problem-solving.  Just like any skill, the more you practice, the better you will be at solving mazes. 

One type of 3D maze is a labyrinth.  It consists of a tray with different pathways for a marble to travel.  The tray is set in a box that has knobs that enable it to move from side to side, moving the marble along the path.  Many labyrinths have holes along the path that you have to avoid. 

In today’s challenge, you will create your own three-dimensional tilting maze for a marble to run through! 

Marble Maze STEM Challenge

How to do the Marble Maze STEM Challenge

The Challenge: Create a maze to challenge friends and family!

Materials: Large paper plate, pencil, straws, scissors, glue, a marble

Challenge Criteria:  Sketch out a maze in pencil on the paper plate.  Your maze should have an entrance, twists and turns, dead ends, and an exit.  The paths in the maze should be wide enough for your marble to fit through.  Once you are happy with your design, cut the straws to the appropriate lengths and glue them over the top of each line you drew in your maze.  Let the glue dry.  Test out your maze by placing the marble at one end, then tilting and turning the paper plate to move the marble through the maze.  See if your family or friends can complete the maze as well! 


Which was more fun for you – designing the maze or completing it?

Challenge Extension

Use a large piece of cardboard instead of a paper plate to create an even bigger maze!

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