Light Refraction Experiment


This one’s more of a science trick rather than an experiment, but it’s still sure to be a hit among kids. Watch them be amazed at this cool light refraction experiment to learn about how light and our eyes work.
STEM concept: Light
Challenge: Easy
Messiness: Low

Materials for light refraction experiment:

  • sticky note
  • marker
  • clear glass or water bottle
  • water

Follow these steps for light refraction experiment :

  1. Get a sheet of paper and draw two big arrows on it. Draw the arrows pointing in the same direction, one on top of the other.
  2. Fill the glass or bottle with water.
  3. Slowly lower the piece of paper behind the glass or bottle of water.
  4. Look through the glass or bottle and see what happens.

The science behind the light refraction experiment:

When light travels from one medium to another, like from air to water, refraction happens. Refraction is the bending of light caused by the change in its speed and direction as it passes through different materials.

In this experiment, the light traveled through different mediums, such as paper, air, glass or plastic, and water. The light bent when it traveled through these materials before it finally reached your eyes. This is what caused the image to appear flipped.

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