How to become a scientific illustrator ?

Ever thought that art and science could be the perfect mix? Well, if you think it’s impossible, think again. These two fields blend so well together when you are a scientific illustrator! What is a scientific illustrator, you ask? It’s a profession that mixes art and science to create beautiful illustrations of animals, plants, and other specimens.

Both art and science require keen observation, patience, diligence, and discipline. Being a science illustrator is about creating scientifically accurate and artistic images of animals and plants. The key is to represent the plant or animal you are drawing in such a way that when people see it, they can easily imagine what the specimen looks like in person. Since the illustrations have to be scientific, the measurements have to be exact and the proportions accurate. You can achieve this scientific precision and accuracy by careful observation and faithfulness to details.

As for art, there’s plenty of room for creativity and artistic expression in the way you blend the colors and the different shapes and textures to make the plant or animal come alive in the picture. You achieve a sense of satisfaction when you are able to replicate what the real live specimen looks like.

With simple tools like pen and paper, you can already start your journey towards becoming a scientific illustrator. It takes patience, diligence, dedication, and discipline to achieve the ideal illustration. You have to be open to the idea of changing and revising your work, no matter how beautiful you think it already is. To make revising artworks easier and more convenient, science illustrators can also choose to draw digitally.

So if you love science and are creative and artistic as well, then you might want to try your hand at becoming a scientific illustrator!