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STEM Cool Careers

What do you want to be when you grow up? Picture your dream job. Imagine all the great things you get to do with these cool STEM careers! Are you playing your favorite sport with a crowd cheering in the background? Are you painting something? Perhaps you are whipping up something tasty in the kitchen. Whatever it is, science, technology, engineering and math, commonly referred to as STEM, is in it too! STEM is so much more than numbers as it is all around us and behind some of the coolest careers you can envision.

Texas Instruments (TI) has paired up with math wiz and former professional football player John Urschel to create STEM Behind Cool Careers. Through these videos and activities, you can learn exactly how math and science are involved in these three cool careers:

Fashion design: STEM can be stylish!

Crazy thing your favorite outfit could be made using geometry. Fashion designers use a lot of the math you learn in school to create trendy clothes. Who knew math could be so chic? Check out the video to see for yourself.

Ice cream maker

Do you like to treat yourself to a delicious scoop of ice cream? If so, you have also enjoyed a double scoop of physics  yum! The people who make this cool concoction use science to do so. In fact, ice cream recipes are specifically engineered to create yummy flavors. Discover the cool science of how ice cream goes from cow to cone.


The largest, most colorful murals were once just small illustrations drawn by hand. Artists use math proportions and ratios they learned in school to build jaw-dropping 12-story high murals. Explore the math and science that muralists rely on to create larger-than-life art.

Next time you wear your favorite outfit, enjoy some tasty ice cream or walk past a breathtaking piece of art, remember that STEM is behind those cool creations. Hope these videos will make you explore further some of these cool STEM careers,

-TI Contribution

October 23, 2017

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