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Arthi Vasudevan is a senior product manager for industrial cybersecurity. She helps customers protect critical infrastructure, energy equipment, and networks, like power systems, utilities, turbines, compressors, pipelines, and manufacturing plants from digital, and cybersecurity threats.


Arthi studied electrical engineering and obtained her Master’s in Business Administration. She is passionate about professional development, promoting STEM in students, diversity and inclusion (D&I). She is also passionate about educating kids in digital safety, and cybersecurity, so they can make confident choices on the Internet and can become better digital citizens.


Her interest in STEM sparked when she liked Physics at a very young age and wanted to know how machines work. After spending about 10 years designing electrical and control systems, she transitioned into a career in product management, where she is responsible for launching programs that solve a customer’s problem, as well as yield profits to the business

Any word of advice you would like to share with a reader who is interested in pursuing your career path.

Getting into a career in STEM, and having a technical background opens up a lot of opportunities for future positions, including leadership positions within organizations. I recommend a four-step process to identify your goals, identify gaps (for example: coding, analytical skills, design thinking, etc.), create a roadmap, seek mentors, develop the skill set, and align actions to reflect the end goal. It’s never too early to perform a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) on yourself, to understand where you shine, and where you need to improve. Product management is definitely an interesting career path, especially if you want to stay technical, and also do activities around project management, developing business cases, and launching programs that yield profits to the business.

Compressor Control Panel
Compressor Control Panel

A control panel that I designed through my pregnancy. This panel (which is also my baby) operates compressors that boost the pressure of fuel gas that help us cook at home. 

Offshore Drilling Rig
Offshore Drilling Rig

Being a female in the offshore industry is becoming more common, which is great. I launched a product named SeaONYX(R), which helps prevent blowouts or explosions that may occur during deep water drilling due to extreme high pressure.

Work life balance
Work-life balance

Similar to other careers, women in STEM have to juggle a few things. Asking for help and setting expectations, especially in a relatively male dominated field, has helped me significantly.

MBA grad pic
MBA grad pic

Doing an MBA helped me upskill in the financial and business areas, which along with my technical background, helped me transition to a career in Technical Product Management

SWOT and Career Roadmap Template

I’ve been blessed to design electrical and control systems in the marine, mining, manufacturing and energy industries. While a lot of the basics have been the same, each industry has different standards and regulations. This experience has not only improved my confidence in learning new things, but also increased my passion for all things STEM.


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