Women in Medicine – Featuring Leana Wen


This science magazine is a world of fascinating science discoveries, cool DIYs, trivia quizzes, amazing posters and to top it all-the story of inspirational women in medicine, space, coding, data sciences and so much more. Let the woman you want to be in the future inspire you today.


This issue is for aspiring future women in medicine. Featuring Doctor and Public Health Advocate, Leana Wen

In this issue, we celebrate women in medicine. We commend them for their innovation, curiosity, confidence, and passion -qualities that embody the inspiring future women in medicine. Learn about her inspiring journey in this issue. From overcoming obstacles to making discoveries and inventions- this issue covers it all.
If her story inspires you, learn more about her work by clicking here.


✅ What’s Inside This Issue?

The highlight is the cover story featuring Leana Wen. She shares her journey as a practicing physician, author, CNN medical analyst, and public health advocate. Also, learn about the inspiring story of Kamala Sohonie- the first Indian woman to receive a Ph.D. in biochemistry. This issue also has a poster of Kalpana Chalwa. In addition to this, the story of Chelsea Andrews gives us a peek inside the life of a weather forecaster and shares her advice to all aspiring meteorologists. This issue also contains a book excerpt from ‘Birds: Explore Their Extraordinary World’. Read it to know all about the fastest, tallest, and baldest of birds.

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