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This Kalpana Chawla poster will inspire you to remain dedicated and keep working towards your goal despite every hardship. No matter how difficult the situations, you will reach your goals if your efforts are in the right path. Instead of blank walls. let this Kalpana Chawla poster inspire you to reach for the stars!


As the extraordinary woman herself, these Kalpana Chawla quotes are set out to motivate the young minds determined to explore the fascinating Universe: of both knowledge and the cosmos. This poster will motivate you to excel and reach your highest goals.

Where was Kalpana born?

Kalpana Chawla was born in Karnal, a small village located in the state of Haryana in India.

What are some interesting facts about Kalpana’s early life?

Despite being born in a small village, Kalpana was determined to build her career in aeronautical engineering. She was so keen on studying the subject in college that she changed her real date of birth in her documents so that she was eligible for her standard 12 examinations. Her real date of birth was March 17th, 1962 and she changed it to July 1st, 1961.

How did Kalpana join NASA?

Kalpana completed her undergraduate degree from Punjab Engineering College in 1982. She then moved to the United States of America. There, she pursued two Masters in the same subject from the University of Texas at Arlington and the University of Colorado at Boulder. Finally, she did a Ph.D. also in aerospace engineering. Finally, she joined NASA in 1995.

How many times did Kalpana travel to space?

Kalpana had the chance to travel to space twice. She undertook her first space travel in 1996. Covering 6.5 million miles in 252 orbits around the Earth she became the very first Indian woman in space. In 2000, she boarded the space shuttle Columbia. She was unaware that her second flight would be her very last.

How did Kalpana die?

Due to damage caused to the lateral wing of the space shuttle Columbia, it collapsed upon its re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere. All of the seven crew members, including Kalpana, died.

Which awards did Kalpana win?

Kalpana is the holder of three medals: Congressional Space Medal of Honor, NASA Space Flight Medal, and NASA Distinguished Service Medal.

Kalpana Chawla lived a life driven by perseverance, determination, inspiration, and dedication. Although she came from a small village, she did not limit herself to dreaming small. From lying under the starry sky to exploring it, Kalpana achieved everything. By browsing through Kalpana Chawla poster quotes, let the scientific fervor of this phenomenally-gifted astronaut inspire you as you take flight into the Universe of Science exploration.

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