Computer Programming For Kids- Science Poster




Computer programming for kids is an interesting concept that allows kids to learn the basics of communicating with computers. To explain computer programming for kids, simply say that it involves giving a computer a series of instructions to do or execute. Basically, it’s teaching a computer what to do to find a solution to a problem or to make a complicated process simpler and faster. 

This poster gives learners an overview of computer programming. What are some basic terms and concepts in computer programming? Coding, bug, algorithm? This poster has the answers. Looking at this poster, young minds who are eager to analyze, explore, and construct could be directed to computer programming and taught how to code so they can transition from being simple computer users to creators of websites, apps, games, or computer programs.

As computers and other smart technologies have become an integral part of our modern lives, children who learn computer programming or coding are gaining an important skill that will give them a useful tool that could come in handy in the future. Computer programming will not only give children employment opportunities for when they start their careers (computer programming jobs are highly in demand these days), it also teaches them invaluable life skills. 

Involving children in computer programming for kids also helps them develop creativity, analytical skills, problem-solving, critical thinking, and logic. As they try to make a computer do complex tasks, it involves breaking down these problems into smaller and simpler ones. That requires a lot of thinking to come up with solutions. 

Admittedly, the process of learning how to code can be difficult and tedious. But that just means that children also learn to become persistent, resilient, and focused as they learn to communicate with computers through trial and error. 

Convinced yet to give computer programming for kids a try?

To learn more about computer programming for kids, check out Smore Magazine for ages 8+.

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