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Blank walls are boring! Frame this cool animal migrations poster for kids to learn and enjoy.

The poster depicts some of the major migrations by animals on land, air and sea and the distances they travel.

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Animal migrations are some of the most fascinating and impressive natural phenomena. Typically, animal migrations happen seasonally so animals can find food and shelter or reproduce. Different kinds of animals, from those, that swim, walk, crawl, and fly, undertake this long journey. Migrating animals travel great distances through land, sea, or sky showing astonishing strength and endurance.

One of the most interesting animals that migrate is the monarch butterfly. Over 100 million of these flying insects migrate every summer. They fly across North America to go to California and the Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico. During this journey, they could travel up to 3000 miles. Another interesting fact about the migration of these animals is that the long journey is undertaken by several generations. That means that the butterflies who first leave to migrate are never the ones to return. Instead, they mate and lay eggs along the way and once these eggs hatch and grow into adult butterflies, these new generation continues the journey and repeats the process. 

To complete their migration and return to their original habitats in North America and Canada, four to five generations of monarch butterflies will live and die. This astounding process and the butterflies themselves have received a lot of attention over the years, and there are several initiatives in place to protect them and their habitats so future generations can continue to enjoy and marvel at this natural wonder.

Aside from the monarch butterfly, this informative animal migrations poster shows other amazing migrating animals like the Canada goose, caribou, and leatherback sea turtle and the distances they travel during migration. It is a helpful resource that would make a good wall decoration for any science classroom or an elementary student’s study space. Hopefully, curious young minds would look at this poster and be inspired to learn more about the remarkable aspects of animal migrations.

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