Atomic Models Poster


This poster explains how our understanding of atomic structure has developed over time through different models.


Your child will appreciate our poster on the various atomic models, a perplexing topic, here put in a manner to help your child breeze through the concepts.

The fundamental unit of matter is the atom. For your child to peek into the world of quantum physics and the mysteries of chemistry, they must first understand atomic structure. We have designed a self-explanatory poster on the evolution of atomic models, from Rutherford’s model to the current quantum mechanical model. The different theories on the structure of an atom are neatly and simply put in our teaching tool.

The journey to discovering the structure of atoms begins with the discovery of electrons. Rutherford the structure of an atom with his popular gold foil experiment. Our poster clearly explains the reasons why Rutherford’s model failed and had to be replaced by Niels Bohr’s planetary model, and on to the quantum mechanical model. You will find an organic evolution from one model to .

Whether your child seeks to become a chemist, a physicist, or an engineer, their foundation lies in understanding the structure of an atom. Your child can be inspired by quantum mechanics, which hold the key to the future of quantum computing.

Did you know that the Rutherford atomic model failed because of electromagnetic radiation from electrons? Sounds very technical, doesn’t it? Our team has been working on presenting such challenging  topics in a child-friendly manner, so that they can shine in their class.

Early intervention in learning complex topics is made easy here, with self-explanatory images supported by content designed by experts. Your children will experience a learning process that will make them love what they learn.

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