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Do you want to be known for inventing something that benefits society? This Gertrude Elion poster will motivate and inspire you to take on this journey. Despite various hardships, Elion did not give up on her dreams. Draw the inspiration from her to achieve your goals and gift society with your knowledge and hard work.


Inspirational poster featuring Dr. Gertrude Elion


Gertrude Elion quotes to teach children the value of hard work. Elion is an American
biochemist and pharmacologist, and this Gertrude Elion quotes poster emphasizes the importance of
working hard to achieve your dreams and become successful. Elion helped develop drugs for leukemia
and kidney transplant patients. In 1988, she won a Nobel Prize for medicine.

Elion was born in New York in 1918. Her parents were New York City immigrants. After her grandfather
died of cancer, Elion was encouraged to study medicine and find a cure for cancer. In 1933, she decided
to study science and obtained a degree in chemistry from Hunter College in 1937. However, she had a
difficult time finding a job after graduation because she was a woman. She first worked as an unpaid
laboratory assistant and then as a teacher.

When World War II began, she finally landed a job in a laboratory. She also worked briefly at Johnson
and Johnson. Eventually, she had the opportunity to work closely with Dr. George H. Hitchings at
Burroughs Wellcome Company (now GlaxoSmithKline) and developing drugs to treat different diseases,
including malaria and AIDS. She did extensive research and created revolutionary medicines that helped
stop the growth of cancer cells, make organ transplants possible for people with immune diseases
without their body rejecting the new organs, and treat AIDS.

While working at the laboratory, Elion also studied at night to obtain a doctorate degree. Despite the
long commute from her workplace to Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, she pushed on. Unfortunately, she
had to make the difficult decision to give up her studies when she was asked to devote her time fully
and give up her job. She decided to focus on research instead and stop her pursuit of a doctorate

Although this Gertrude Elion quotes poster encourages young learners to work hard and persevere,
Elion also made sure she had time to relax and enjoy. While she poured a tremendous amount of effort
and hard work into research and work, she also found time to enjoy the things she loves like travel and
photography. She also enjoyed music and was fond of watching concerts, the opera, and the theater.

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