Chill a Drink STEM Challenge

chill a drink

Table of Contents

How to do Chill a Drink Challenge

Challenge description: A refrigerator is a convenient way to cool beverages. There are also multiple ways to cool a drink using ice. Some of them will be faster than others. Your challenge is to chill a drink in forty seconds, using ice only. There is no need to use a thermometer to check the temperature.

Materials needed:
• Any drink (should not be pre-cooled)
• Ice
• Glass

Challenge objective: Pour the drink into a glass. If condensation appears on the glass, then the challenge has been cleared.

Challenge Reflection

Does the drink cool faster when kept at rest, or in motion? How does the container which holds the drink affect the rate of cooling? Try adding salt to the ice before chilling the drink. How does this change affect the rate of cooling?

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