15 Absolutely Adorable Baby Animals

What can be cuter than a bunch of absolutely adorable baby animals that are no bigger than your finger?

If you’re ready to gush and have your heart overflow with giddy goodness, go through this list of 15 absolutely adorable baby animals.

1. Baby Snapping Turtles Look Just Like Little Dinosaurs

Definitely cute as babies, but snapping turtles can grow big and dangerous after a few years.

2. This Baby Starfish

Baby Starfish

Did you know that starfish don’t have brains or blood, but they can live up to 35 years?

3. Caterpillars


Before they become butterflies, these wiggly creatures need to eat, grow, and build a cocoon.

4. Tiny Baby Chameleons

Baby Chameleon

Well-known for their beautiful colors and unique ability to change them, chameleons are popular pets, but taking care of these babies can be a challenge.

5. Baby Frog

Baby frog..

Newborn frogs are called tadpoles or polliwogs. When they grow into tiny frogs, they are called froglets.

6. A Flying Fox Species. A Northern Blossom Bat

A northern blossom bat uses its long thin tongue to eat nectar and pollen. They are most commonly found in rainforests.

7. Baby Humming Bird

Amazing facts about hummingbirds: They are the only birds that can fly backward and their eggs are smaller than jelly beans.

8. A Western (Australian) Pygmy Possum

Most species of these tree-dwelling marsupials (animals that carry their babies in pouches of skin in the mother’s belly) can only be found in Australia.

9. Dwarf Gecko​

Scientists thought that these tiny animals were extinct, but they found a population about a hundred kilometers away from where they were initially found.

10. Argonaut


The argonaut or paper nautilus is in fact an octopus. Females create beautiful, delicate shells where they lay their eggs.

11. Mossy Frog

With their green color, black spots, and textured skin, these frogs are masters of camouflage. They usually stay in the corners and crevices of moss-covered rocks making them extremely difficult to find in the wild.

12. Green Tree Python

Tiny Snake

Baby green tree pythons start out with bright yellow or maroon color to help them blend into the bushes and trees where they live. Their green color only starts to appear after 6-8 months.

13. Baby Harvest Mouse

When a baby harvest mouse is born, it is small and pink. The grey-brown fur grows after 8 days. After less than 10 days, the baby mouse has learned to be independent and can live on its own, away from its mother.

14. Baby Corn Snake

Corn snakes take their names from their unique pattern, which is like corn. They are good at climbing and making escapes, so if you plan to keep one as a pet, beware!

15. Sugar Glider

At birth, a baby sugar glider or joey is about the same size as a grain of rice. The babies grow quickly and reach their full-grown size after about 6 months. It is only when they are about 100 days old that baby sugar gliders are able to glide.

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