June 2020


Fun Summer Activities for Kids During This Pandemic

Perfectly clear blue skies, bright bursts of sunshine, hot sweaty weather, and kids with nothing to do all day. To help make this summer worthwhile and memorable for you and your family, we’ve come up with a list of 10 indoor and outdoor activities that will surely be fun and engaging for everyone.


What causes Brain Freeze?

Do you know what causes brain freeze? That unpleasant pain you might feel in your head after eating some ice cream or inhaling your milkshake too fast?


How Bioluminescence Creates Glowing Ocean Waves?

https://youtu.be/sE6GB4i2TxE Glowing colourful light underwater looks like magic, but like most things, it can be explained with science. These colours are created by tiny single-cell organisms called dinoflagellates. These unique little creatures can be found across the world, some feast on sunlight, others on fellow organisms. Not all of them are bioluminescent, and scientists believe …

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Why does Helium make your voice sound funny?

Why does Helium make your voice sound funny ? Ever wondered how helium actually works? Why does it have that comical high-pitched effect on our voices? Our voices are incredibly distinctive, created by vibrations in our voice boxes at unique frequencies. These frequencies start off consistent, but this changes, so when helium is introduced, being …

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