Mandala Template


Do you love creating art or simply seeing it? Isn’t it peaceful to see all the vibrant colors coming together to create beautiful patterns? This mandala template is so pretty and equally easy to make! 


Mandalas are rich in mathematics including circle geometry and symmetry. This mandala template will bring out the creativity in kids and make them more patient while they concentrate to create art while also allowing them to practice using geometry tools like rulers and compasses. Art increases the focusing powers of a child and makes them more innovative. The mandala template is an easy and fun way to engage your child in creative activities and learn to enjoy math.


Mandalas are circles contained within a square and arranged into sections that are all organized around a single, central point. They can be made on paper or cloth, drawn on a surface with threads, or built-in metal or stone. Despite their importance in art, mandalas also hold another importance. Mandalas are believed to represent different parts of the universe. 


They are symbols of inner peace. Due to this, they are used in meditation and symbols of prayer most notably in China, Japan, and Tibet.


 A mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Asian cultures. It can be understood in two different ways: from the outside as a representation of the universe and from the inside as a meditation practice.  According to Hinduism and Buddhism, when you go from the outside to the inside of a mandala, you merge all the happiness and sadness into one. This helps you in feeling peaceful.  Apart from their importance in spirituality, mandalas are also rich in mathematics. They translate to ‘circle’ in Sanskrit. In geometry (a branch of math), the circle is the easiest shape. All other shapes arise from the circle. Mandalas are used to break down complex math equations to simple diagrams. The study of symmetry is also a main rule in drawing a mandala and several polygons. Therefore, mandalas
are also used to study symmetries in polygons.

 There are 3 types of mandalas depending on their uses:

  • Teaching mandala
  • Healing mandala
  • A sand mandala

Examples: the Lotus flower and in dream catchers

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