Science Trivia Questions


A collection of 15 set of interesting science trivia questions perfect for science whiz! Have fun while expanding your knowledge about science.


Calling all science whiz! Here’s a collection of 15 set of interesting science trivia questions to expand your knowledge about all things science.

Flex those brain muscles as you answer these challenging trivia questions. With topics ranging from animals, planets, genetics, chemistry, geology, and more, you’re sure to enjoy and learn.

What are trivia?

Trivia are random facts or information. Even though trivia facts seem unimportant, answering trivia questions still has some benefits, especially for the brain.

What are the benefits of answering trivia questions?

The brain is a muscle. Like other muscles in the body, it benefits from constant exercise. By answering trivia questions and recalling information that you don’t use often, the brain is stretched and exercised.

When you answer trivia questions correctly, you also get some happy hormones that elevate your mood.

Here are other benefits of answering trivia questions:

  • Expand your general knowledge of a wide range of different topics.
  • Have fun and be challenged
  • Impress family and friends with interesting facts

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