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This positive affirmations poster is a powerful tool to boost self-esteem and improve attitude and mindset in children.

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Use this positive affirmations poster to motivate and encourage your children to fight negative thoughts and develop a winning attitude. According to Dr. David Schechter, positive affirmations are the equivalent of physical exercises for our mind. If physical exercises make the body stronger, affirmations do the same thing, except now it’s for the mind. Several studies also suggest that positive affirmations have a lot of other benefits like improving academic achievement and decreasing stress.

This cute poster containing positive affirmations for kids can help you harness the advantages of this practice. Featuring some of the children’s favorite animals, like a lion, panda, and elephant, the poster and the powerful words in it aim to help children think and feel better about themselves. Containing affirmations like “I am brave,” “I am important,” and “I am unique,” the poster can give kids a powerful boost to their self-esteem, which would help to improve their attitude and mindset.

Aside from giving positive affirmations for kids, this uplifting poster also includes some tidbits of information about the animals featured. For instance, if they want to know why bees are important, they can learn more about pollination and how bees help in this process. How about why chameleons are unique? This poster could lead them to discover that chameleons have eyes that can look in different directions at the same time and that actually change the color of their bodies for different reasons like finding a mate or telling enemies to stay away. Cool, right?

During these times, when children are faced with unique challenges, and they sometimes find it difficult to keep up in a fast-paced world, little words of encouragement, positive affirmations, and motivating gestures such as a tap on the back of a warm hug, can really make a difference and give them a much-needed lift when they’re feeling down.

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