Female Astronaut & Doctor- Mae Jemison


This science magazine brings to you the fascinating world of science. From discoveries to quizzes, this magazine brings it all with a special add-on. The story of a phenomenal scientist to inspire all the young readers .


The best gifts you can give your children are those that challenge and inspire them to be their best. We believe stories have the power to do that.

Smore is a magazine for girls in STEM. This issue features a female astronaut Mae Jemison.

How was a brilliant & accomplished woman like Mae Jemison raised? She did everything independently-from research to household chores making her an all-rounder. Get to know the marvelous Mae- a doctor, dancer, and astronaut – a role model every kid must know.

Check out Mae’s inspiring story and journey being a female astronaut in the latest issue of Smore – a must-read for every kid who has wondered about a future in the world of science, space astronaut, technology, and art.

This issue has lots of fun activities to do as a family and create those happy holiday memories. Grow your own crystal snowflake ornaments or whip up a batch of delicious dinner rolls together, solve crosswords, host science trivia night or defrost your vocabulary and learn new words like Firn or Flakelet 🙂

We hope this 56-page issue gives every child what they may need the most- inspiration, joy, or a fun read by the warm fireplace irrespective of where they are.

This could be the best gift you give your children this year.

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