Pixel Puzzle


Color this pixel puzzle using the code and reveal the hidden picture.


Color this pixel puzzle using the code and reveal the hidden picture. Doing this puzzle will give you a better understanding of how computers store and process images. This brain-teaser will exercise your logical skills as you turn numbers into an image.

Computers and Digital Images

Computers and digital cameras store images in a grid of tiny squares. Each square is called a pixel (short for picture element). Each pixel has an assigned number. The number gives the square its color, whether a pixel is green, red, or blue. Together, all the pixels put together create a picture.

What you’ll need

  • printable worksheet
  • coloring materials

What you’ll love

  • It’s a flexible activity that’s perfect for kids of all ages.
  • The puzzle can be absorbing, addicting, and stimulating.
  • It can improve kids’ logical, cognitive, and spatial reasoning skills.
  • For younger kids, it can be used to teach numbers, counting, colors, and symmetry. For older kids, it can be used to teach math, computing, art, logic, and analytical thinking.

Fun Fact

Did you know that the idea of dividing images into tiny squares existed even in Ancient Rome? The Romans were famous for the beautiful mosaics they created on the floors, walls, and ceilings. They used tiles cut up in squares of different sizes to create artistic designs.

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