NASA Seeks Student Tech Ideas for Suborbital Launch

NASA is calling on all sixth through 12th-grade educators and students to submit experiments for possible suborbital flights as a way of gaining firsthand experience with the design and testing process used by NASA researchers. The NASA TechRise Student Challenge invites students to design, build, and launch experiments on suborbital rockets and high-altitude balloons. The […]Read More

Best Resources for Social Emotional Learning

The importance of creating an environment that fosters social emotional learning both at home and in the classroom can’t be overlooked. Many educators face obstacles daily in their classrooms because of their student’s lack of social emotional skills. The reality is many teachers feel they spend more time dealing with social emotional issues than they […]Read More

MAPPING THE NIGHT SKIES- 7 Constellations Everyone Can Find

“You’ll never know what is written in the stars for you if you can’t read them.” LEARNING THE CONSTELLATIONS Look up at the night skies and try to connect the twinkling dots scattered across. You will be amazed to see the wonders that emerge.  These often-recognizable patterns that you see are called constellations. The richness […]Read More

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